Since MGR is one of the top three metal recycling company in the East Coast region of the United States it makes us proud that we can export around the world. Our internal employees have efficient work attitudes and rich experience in export, logistics, and transportation. With a knowledgeable and organized employees, we are able to perform at high production capacity and able to expand trading market. MGR ensures a consistent high quality of recycled materials to meet your production demands.

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Retail is the best place where we are in contact with the general public, so we set up retail yards to recycle all materials thereby creating impressive figures, we believe in the phrase 'Many a little makes a nickel'. Not only are we making contact with the public, we also maintain a good relationship with our customers. By eliminating the middlemen, we are able to gain better profits for the company. As a result we are able to give back to our customers, as the saying goes 'Gaining from the people, giving back to the community.'

All recycled wastes are purchased from the customers, little by little, the quantity slowly accumulates. Starting from the recycling plant, we manually do waste classification, and place the waste into different containers, sorted into boxes, accumulated to a certain amount then workers will begin the process of classification, processing, and cutting into different packaging sizes then it is delivered to our plant. After it arrives, all the waste go through quality control inspections. Once it passes our quality control inspections, it will be packed and completed. When quantity reaches cumulative shipments, the sales department will send sales messages to all customers. After customers sign the contracts, pay advance payment and complete the transaction, the company will arrange loading dates, trucks, and finally deliver the goods to the customers.

We care about our quality very much, so we do strict inspections for every waste processing in order to maintain good quality. So that we have a good reputation and buyers will trust us. We alleviate some of the burdens on our buyers' disposal of waste to complete a better deal. In the future, we will process the waste in a more advanced way, so all goods from our company will be closer to the most original metal which doesn't contain any other impurities. This way, buyers will like our good quality products even more, and help expand our reputation to other countries around the world.

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