It is our responsibility to create a zero-landfill rate recycling center. We have an obligation to teach our employees and the public thorough recycling and reusing process. We want to make the earth our home, a better place for all humankind.

Everyone is responsible for protecting the environment.

We teach and educate our staff and community residents about recycling materials, the importance of recycling and the different approaches of recycling. Extra effort is put in our recycling work as we believe it is our responsibility to society. Because we only have one earth, we need to protect it and love it together.

It is our responsibility that all recycled items go through the procedure of classification and processing, making the final product reusable, creating a 'zero' landfill rate. All materials become recycled items, whether they are metal, plastic or electronic products. After we process them, they can be reused. Earth is limited in resources, recycling generates unlimited resources.

Terminate thieves. Comply with laws and orders.

We cooperate with the relevant government departments and police units, preventing thieves from cashing in on stolen public items and other individual's valuable metals. We record every person and all transaction for police inspection data. We fully cooperate and follow the regulations set by the government.

The life from nobody to somebody

Many people would not think highly about working in a recycling plant. The idea that it would certainly be a poor environment, spending all day with garbage and working in messy rubbish, perhaps many plants are like that. But the working environment at MGR is far from that. We do not allow dirty and messy environment. We used to take our employees to visit other recycling companies to show them the difference in the working environments between MGR and other companies, they found that MGR wants their employees to work in a better environment. That is why MGR requires employees to keep their work place clean and tidy at end of every day. This allows the employees to realize their work place is different from what other people think, and it is even better than other companies' environment. Employees will naturally tidy up their work place daily and be proud of where they work.

Work environment can affect employee's mood. MGR wants to change regular work settings to make the work environment even better so that we can create a more efficient work environment and create a greater appreciation and understanding of team work. Creating a good work environment will develop good team work. Each step is to let the staff at MGR realize that their hard work will bring joy in life, whether it is material possessions, emotional or life experiences, they can reach to a different level from their past.