Recycling for a better earth.

MGR was established in the summer of 2007. The founder started his career in the scrap metal industry as a broker. As his knowledge of the industry grew, he began to get involved in international trades, exporting scrap metal to worldwide. A year later, he became a retailer, then a wholesaler thereafter where he established a recycling warehouse, enabling quality control of the recycled goods. MGR understands the importance of the quality of scrap metal thereby strictly require high standards of processing and classification.

Began from retail, visiting individual companies, government establishments, and schools and so on. From early years he understood the importance of networking and establishing business contacts whether large or small. Partnerships are set up, with a call we will arrange our staff to collect the items. Some local council departments even let us place a recycling containers. We work on environmental protection together to create a better planet.

In order to control the quality of scrap metals, we have developed a specialized recycling procedure. The materials are in accordance with classification, processing, casing and packing by our employees. Finally they are sold to different countries worldwide. For many years, we are able to continuously maintain good quality materials because of the founder’s persistence and the effort and hard work from our staff. At MGR we strive to make a better recycling environment become a friend of the recycling industry.

Currently we are expanding our recycling plant. Not only will we recycle old iron, nonferrous metals, and electronic products we will increase the recycling of plastic products. We also want to recycle materials more finely, making them closer to its original looks. We plan to restore all non-ferrous metals to other clean, pure metals, so that we can achieve perfect recycling. In addition, we plan to build more retail divisions to provide service to friends who also want to make a contribution to our planet by recycling. Let’s recycle and make the Earth a better place together!